1. Follow all IVAO Rules and Regulations.
  2. Flight must be flown online and with real weather (simulated daytime is allowed for VFR traffic only).
  3. Flight must be flown with normal simulation speed (1x).
  4. Pay attention to your flight plan. PIREPs with wrong ICAO codes, wrong flight rules, etc… will be rejected.
  5. Check for the latest LJLJ scenery so that all pilots use the correct airport layouts.
  6. Aircraft for this tour must be one from the general aviation section, turbo props or jets. No military aircrafts allowed.
  7. For each completed flight, you have to fill a report via IVAO Tours Reporting System.


Pilots may use some of the following aircrafts:

  • Piston engine aircraft.
  • Category A aircraft (approach speed 90 knots or less).
  • Medium and Heavy aircraft.
  • Category B, C, D, E aircraft.

It is not allowed to use one of the following aircrafts:

  • Military (non training purpose) or fighter aircraft
  • Supersonic aircraft.


Note that you have to fill out the report correctly in order for it to be accepted:

  1. All times must be in UTC.
  2. Make sure to fill in the report with the same callsign used for the flight online.
  3. Maximum disconnection time 15 minutes, report disconnections in the PIREP’s comments.

IMPORTANT: please log on at least 6 minutes before departure and log off at least 6 minutes after arrival in order to let IVAO tracker log your flight data. Legs will be rejected if you do not comply with this.




After completing and reporting your flight, you will be awarded with “Aviation Celebration Tours and Events” Award.