We would like to welcome you to the real Slovenia Helos Tour 2019.

Rules and conditions :
* Follow All IVAO R&R.
* All legs MUST be flown online, with real weather (daytime allowed).
* Flights must be flown with Slovenian ATC online (maximum 1 leg can be flown without ATC).
* Flights must be flown in real-time mode (No accelerated mode allowed).
* A maximum disconnection time of 20 minutes will be accepted.
* Pay attention to your flight plan. PIREPs with wrong ICAO codes, wrong flight rules, etc… will NOT be accepted.
* A valid and suitable alternate airport is necessary.
* User may fly up to 2 legs per day.

*** For tour can be used only helicopters (Bell 412/212, EC135 etc.).***
*** Include “RMK/SI HELOS TOUR 19” into the remark section of your flightplan.***

* Completed flights must be reported after each leg. Use UTC (ZULU) time.
* Log on at least 6 minutes before departure and log off at least 6 minutes after arrival in order to let IVAO tracker log your flight data. Legs will be rejected if you do not comply with this.

Restrictions :
* Max. speed: 150
* Direct flights (DCT) will be not accepted.
* Max Flight Level: 10500
* Type of flight plan: VFR
* This tour closes on the 01st January 2020

Reward :
* After completion of this tour, you will get the Slovenia Helos Tour Award.


Leg Departure Arrival Distance ETE Max Speed Max Altitude Notes Documents Required Stops
1 LJLJ LJLJ 28 00:04 150 KIAS 10500 Traffic patterns on LJBL. Documents LJBL
2 LJLJ LJPZ 57 00:08 150 KIAS 10500 FLYCOM Documents
3 LJPZ LJCE 84 00:12 150 KIAS 10500 Military training. Documents
4 LJLJ LJLJ 0 00:00 150 KIAS 10500 Supplies delivery to Kredarica. Documents
5 LJMB LJLJ 53 00:07 150 KIAS 10500 Police training. Documents



After completion of this tour, you will get the Slovenia Helos Tour Award.
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