Rules and conditions :

* Follow All IVAO R&R.
* All legs MUST be flown online, with real weather & time.
* Flights must be flown with Slovenian ATC online (maximum 2 legs can be flown without ATC, also Legs 10 to 15 can be flown without ATC).
* Flights must be flown in real-time mode (No accelerated mode allowed).
* A maximum disconnection time of 20 minutes will be accepted.
* Pay attention to your flight plan. PIREPs with wrong ICAO codes, wrong flight rules, etc… will NOT be accepted.
* A valid and suitable alternate airport is necessary.
* User may fly up to 2 legs per day.

*** Only real life (and historic) Adria aircrafts may be used (A319/A320/B734/CRJ700/CRJ900).***
*** You must log in with the ADR callsign.***
*** Include “RMK/ADR TOUR 18” into the remark section of your flightplan.***


* Completed flights must be reported after each leg. Use UTC (ZULU) time.
* Log on at least 6 minutes before departure and log off at least 6 minutes after arrival in order to let IVAO tracker log your flight data. Legs will be rejected if you do not comply with this.

Restrictions :
* Max. speed: M.83
* Follow the recommended ADR flight routes. Direct flights (DCT) will be not accepted.
* Max Flight Level: FL410
* Type of flight plan: Scheduled IFR
* This tour closes on the 01st January 2019

Reward : 
* After completion of this tour, you will get the Slovenia IFR Tour Award. 

Have fun with flying real ADRIA routes!



After completing the Tour, you will be awarded with “IVAO Slovenia IFR Tour” Award.