Rules and conditions :

I. Follow IVAO Rules and Regulations.
II. All legs must be flown online and with real weather (Simulated daytime for VFR is allowed).
III. Legs must be flown on Slovenia Online Day (every Tuesday from 1900 – 22 local) with at least one Slovenian ATC online.
IV. At least one Slovenian airport must be used for departure or arrival.
V. Legs must be flown with normal simulation speed (1x).
VI. Pay attention to your flight plan. PIREPs with wrong ICAO codes, wrong flight rules, etc… will be strictly rejected.
VII. User may fly up to 2 legs per day
VIII. Check for the latest Slovenian sceneries (at so that all pilots use the correct airport layouts.

*** Include “RMK/SI ONLINE DAY TOUR 18” into the remark section of your flightplan.***


    • turbo props
    • jets
    • general aviation section
    • military aircrafts

It is not allowed to use supersonic aircrafts at this tour.

IVAO Slovenia “Online days Tour 2018” will be open until December 31, 2018.


* Completed flights must be reported after each leg. Use UTC (ZULU) time.
* Log on at least 6 minutes before departure and log off at least 6 minutes after arrival in order to let IVAO tracker log your flight data. Legs will be rejected if you do not comply with this.

* After completion of this tour, you will get the Slovenia Division “Online days Award”. 



After completing the Tour, you will be awarded with “IVAO Slovenia Division Online Day” Award.