CPDLC stands for Controller-Pilot Data Link Communications. Application provides a means of communication between the controller and pilot using data link for air traffic control (ATC) communication.

With the increase of air traffic, frequencies become busier and busier. It is now a real challenge that pilots and controllers must face to ensure safety through communications.

The CPDLC System provides a text communication solution, allowing both the pilots and the ATCs to send requests, clearances and reports.

CPDLC services are available for aircraft operating within the airspace of the LJUBLJANA FIR (LJLA) above FL 245.
The following CPDLC services are provided in LJUBLJANA FIR (LJLA) airspace:

    • DLIC (data link initiation capability)
    • ACL (ATC clearances and instructions)
    • ACM (ATC communications management)
    • AMC (ATC microphone check)
The use of CPDLC is not mandatory in LJUBLJANA FIR (LJLA) airspace and is conducted at the discretion of ATC and at the initiative of the pilots concerned.

For use of vCPDLC application You must be logged-in with your IVAO ID.


Published: 26.1.2019