Dear IVAO Member!

IVAO Slovenia Division would like to welcome you to the the IN MEMORIAM TO JANEZ FAVAI & ANDREJ DOBRUN EVENT. The Event will be on 25th September 2018 between 17.00z and 20.00z. Before 1700z and after 2000z ATC services are not guaranteed.

Janaz Favai was our great friend and  good virtual pilot. He was an inspiration to all members. In his virtual career he achieved IVAO SPP rating.

Andrej Dobrun was one of the pioneers of developing various sceneries in Slovenia. With his great work Slovenia received the first sceneries for virtual flying called SLO4FSX.

Both Janez and Andrej were great Men who left us too early. In their honor, the Slovenian Division hosts this event.

Enjoy the full Slovenian ATC services and our challenging & unique airports! Do your best and be with us to honour this two great Men who gave a lot also to IVAO Community.


Pilots are welcome to do as much flights as they wish in Ljubljana FIR. You must do at least one inbound or one outbound flight to/from one of the Slovenian airports. All VFR and/or IFR flights are permitted.


All aeronautial charts for this event are available from the Slovenia Control e-AIP or on IVAO Slovenia website.


A lot of freeware sceneries are available at IVAO Slovenia website
X-plane, Prepare 3D and FS9/FSX are supported although not for all airports.

Before your flight, please install at least the latest Slovenian freeware sceneries (from IVAO Slovenia website). Only that way all pilots will use correct airport layouts. Incorrect airport layouts cause a lot of ground taxi problems and unwanted delays in air traffic since there has been a lot of upgrading of all the airports!


There are few basic rules that you need to follow so that you successfully finish this Event:

I.   Follow all IVAO Rules and Regulations.
II.   All flights must be flown online and with real weather (simulated daytime any good weather are allowed for VFR flights).
III.   Flights can be flown on Tuesday, 25. 9. 2018 from 1700z – 2000z
IV.   Flights must be flown with normal simulation speed (1x).
V.   Pay attention to your flight plan. PIREPs with wrong ICAO codes, wrong flight rules, etc… will be rejected.
VI.   User may fly as much flights as they wish inbound or outbound of Slovenian airports (LJPZ, LJLJ, LJMB). For VFR aircrafts also smaller airfields in Slovenia are allowed for participating in event.
VII.   Check for the latest Slovenian sceneries.*
VIII.   No military aircrafts allowed.
IX.   For each completed flight, you have to fill a report via IVAO Tours Reporting System.
X.   Be prepared for flying in Portorož and Maribor airspace. There is only procedural control available. If you don’t have sufficient knowledge, please fly VFR. IFR traffic must know how to fly IFR procedures, no vectors available.

Note that pilot should also check, what is the maximum takeoff weight allowed to take off from the Portorož runway that is 1.200 meters long.

It is not allowed to use one of the following aircrafts:
–   Military or fighter aircraft,
–   Supersonic aircraft.

Airplane restrictions at Portoroz – LJPZ

* Pilots flying to LJPZ may use the following aircrafts:
Note that due Portorož runway length, aircraft selection is limited due:
–   IFR Procedures are for approach CAT A and B only,
–   Strength of apron and runway is PCN 35/F/C/X/T.

If you take in to account both things above, only aircraft from the list below are allowed (examples are in brackets):
–   General Aviation aircraft up to MTOW 5700kg (C172, PA28, PA34, C208, DA40, DA42, etc),
–   Business Aviation aircraft with landing or take-off mass up to 27 tons (it depends on the tyre pressure as well) and Approach CAT B or A (C310, C441, C550, C750, CL604, F2TH, DHC6, GLF5, LJ70, etc),
–   Cargo and passenger aircraft landing or take-off mass up to 27 tons (it depends on the tyre pressure as well) and Approach CAT B or A (AT42/72, ATP, B1900, BE40, B350, BE9L, DHC7, DH8A/B/C, D228, D328, SW4, E110, E120, F27, F50, JS31, JS41, SF34, SB20, SH36, etc).



For every flight on this event Pilots will receive 1 point per flight (of 20 required) to obtain the Slovenia Best Pilot Award 2018. Maximum 2 inbound and/or outbound flights can be flown for award purposes.


Every controller covering an active position during Event at least one hour will be awarded with ATC Events Award.


Everyone participating in event will get the divisional celebration award.

For pilot and ATC rewards you can fill a report via IVAO tours system.

We hope that you will enjoy this event as well that you will learn some new skills and got additional knowledge of VFR and/or IFR flying, flying in procedural control airspace, route planning, etc.
We would like to welcome you with further flights to our country, especially every Tuesday when Slovenia Division has online evenings!

We wish you safe flying and a lot of fun!
Gal Perne
Special Operations Coordinator – Slovenia
Event Assistant Coordinator – Slovenia